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Baby Naming Celebrant Ceremonies

Whether it is to Celebrate the birth of your child or to mark the inclusion of an adopted child or step child a Celebrant, can help you create a special and fun day for you all. Naming Ceremonies can be for children of all ages, from babies to more grown up children. It gives you the chance to make any pledges or vows to your child (or children) and you can involve any Godparents or Guardians and thank any family or friends for their support.

Photo by Cleyder Duque on Pexels.com

It’s vital for a child to feel loved and wanted, so it will mean you can say encouraging words to them publicly and also to give them the chance to feel important. If they are old enough to speak for themselves (and willing), it also gives them the opportunity to say how they feel. You may have a family member or friend you would like to give a reading or read a religious script as this is also allowed with a Celebrant lead ceremony.

Family and friends can also join in by offering words of wisdom and you may also like to consider something like planting a tree as a reminder of the start of your new lives together. Gem can suggest other ideas to incorporate family and friends into the day.

Your day will have a relaxed feel which is important to make everyone involved feel comfortable, particularly where children are involved! There will be parts to the service that of course have a more serious tone to demonstrate the commitment you are making to your child but the general tone will be a fun and happy day for all. You will also have a chance for a signing of a Certificate, this is not a legal document but is a lovely memento for you to keep. You may include any Godparents or Guardians in this and it’s also a great opportunity for taking a few photographs.

Gem is a member of the The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants.

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