Welcome a new baby or adopted child into your family unit

Whether it is a new born baby, an older or an adoptive child, a naming ceremony is a wonderful way to welcome a child into a family.

When families choose to adopt it is a very special and life changing decision. With family and friends to welcome a new child into your family, you can join in a ceremony and make vows to your adopted child.

Each ceremony is unique to you and your family and is an alternative option for people who wish to celebrate a special time in their lives but do not wish to have a religious ceremony.

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Baby Naming

A Naming ceremony is a moving and meaningful way of gathering the people that are important to you to celebrate the arrival of your child,  making promises and introducing your little one to your community of family and friends.

from £250

CHILD Naming

A child naming ceremony is a great alternative to a religious ceremony, opening up opportunities to celebrate a new life and welcome an adopted child to the family, you may also wish to include other children who may not have previously had a naming ceremony.

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UniTY ceremony

A perfect option for a blended family is a unity ceremony to celebrate the creation of a new family unit when two families come together. Sand or water ceremonies, planting of trees or lighting unity candles all can make for a sense of join as one family.


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